Life Lessons from Fluffy

Owls may have the honorary title of wisest animal, but we think that kitties are also pretty smart. In fact, your feline friend may be able to teach you some very valuable life lessons! Read on as a Georgian Bay, ON veterinarian lists some things we can learn from cats.

Get Plenty of Rest

If cats had one golden rule, it would probably be to get enough sleep. These furry little sleepyheads can spend up to 20 hours a day napping. You probably don’t need quite that much shuteye, but do make sure you’re getting enough rest.

Look Your Best

Cats are very diligent about keeping up with their beauty regimens. Fluffy could spend several hours each day grooming herself to keep that pretty fur soft and shiny. Always look your best!

Be Yourself

Kitties are filled with adorable and often hilarious quirks, and are always full of surprises. We’re guessing you have a few cute stories about your furball’s unique purrsonality and habits. Be yourself!

Explore Your World

Your curious feline friend probably knows every single inch of her kingdom, and will inspect anything new that you bring home. Visit new places regularly, and experience new things. (We advise keeping cats safe and sound indoors, but this tidbit of wisdom still applies.)

Take Time To Play

Our frisky feline friends can be quite playful! Fluffy may have a blast hiding in an empty box, playing with catnip mice, or chasing a little ball around. Make time for fun activities!

Soak Up The Sun

Have you ever found your kitty sprawled out in a sunbeam, looking completely content? We’re guessing you have! Take a cure from Fluffy: enjoy the sunshine when you can.

Show Your Love

Cats can be extremely affectionate. Fluffy may show her love by cuddling you, meowing at you, sleeping on top of you, or just quietly hanging out with you. Show your loved ones you care!


Have you ever found Fluffy sprawled out on top of your computer, book, or magazine? Who knows? Maybe cats read by osmosis. Whatever the case, reading is a great way to keep your mind sharp. Bonus: kitties make great reading buddies … at least, when they’re on your lap, instead of on your book!

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