Doggy Dental Health

Did you know that your dog can develop many different dental problems? Having a cracked or infected tooth is no more fun for Fido than it is for us! Your canine pal can also be afflicted by gum disease, abscesses, and other painful dental troubles. Keeping your furry buddy’s teeth healthy is very important to his overall health! A Parry Sound, ON veterinarian discusses doggy dental health in this article.

Warning Signs

Fido can’t tell you if his teeth hurt, so it’s up to you to know what to watch out for. Some common symptoms of doggy dental woes include stringy, bloody, or excessive drool; a lack of interest in chewing and toys; and visible swelling or tartar buildup. Your furry friend may also gravitate towards softer food if his teeth hurt, and could take longer eating than he once did. Dogs with dental issues often don’t like having their mouths handled, so if your pooch shies away from you when you try to touch his mouth, he may have dental trouble. Last but not least, we have dragon breath: if your furry friend’s doggy kisses leave you cringing, he may need those choppers looked at.

Home Care

There are several things you can do at home to help keep Fido’s teeth healthy. Brushing is one of the most effective. To get your pooch used to the process, start by gently rubbing his gums and teeth with your finger. If your canine buddy accepts this, you can add a doggy toothpaste. The last stage is to start using a pet toothbrush. If Fido won’t sit still for this, try offering him dental-formula kibble, treats, and chews, which are made to fight plaque and tartar. It’s also important to make sure your furry friend always has suitable chew toys and plenty of fresh clean water.

Veterinary Care

Fido should have his teeth checked by a vet at least once a year. In between visits, watch for signs of dental problems, and contact your vet right away if you notice any red flags. If your pooch has tartar buildup, a deep cleaning can get rid of that gunk. Other dental problems will be discussed on a case-by-case basis. Ask your vet for more specific information.

Does your pooch need dental care? We are here to help! Please feel free to call us, your Parry Sound, ON animal clinic, today!

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