Obesity in Cats

Is your cat getting a bit round? Have you noticed that it’s getting harder to pick Fluffy up lately? If so, your kitty may be among the almost 60 percent of felines that are overweight or obese. While you may think your pet looks adorable with a little extra padding, overweight cats face some very dangerous health problems. Below, a Georgian Bay, ON vet discusses feline obesity.

Health Risks

If Fluffy is, well, not just fluffy, she faces increased chances of developing several serious health problems, including heart disease, respiratory issues, skin problems, bone/joint trouble, diabetes, liver problems, and even cancer. Obese cats also have greater risks of developing complications after surgery. Those extra pounds can even shorten your beloved pet’s life!

Feeding The Furball

Diet plays a huge role in Fluffy’s weight. Feed your feline buddy a good, nourishing diet, but don’t overindulge her with fatty treats. Portion sizes are also very important: even giving your kitty just a few too many calories each day can make her gain weight. Another thing to keep in mind is that feeding your cat only dry food can also cause her to get pudgy. This is because many kibble formulas are high in carbs. Ask your vet for specific nutritional recommendations.

Fluffy’s Workout

While young cats are often super playful and active, as Fluffy ages, her workout routine may go from batting toys around all day to jumping up onto the couch for a nap. To keep your sleepy furball moving, offer her lots of fun playthings, and take time to play with her every day. Even just spending a few minutes chasing after a feather toy will be beneficial for your kitty.

Other Causes of Obesity

While diet and exercise are both important factors in Fluffy’s weight, other things can also affect your pet’s waistline. Since senior cats aren’t as playful as younger furballs, kitties often gain weight as they age. Health issues can also cause cats to lose or gain weight. If your feline friend is gaining or losing, and you’re not sure why, contact your vet immediately.

Kitty Diets

Do you have a chubby cat on your hands? Consult your vet before making any changes to Fluffy’s menu. Crash diets are very bad for kitties’ health!

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