What to Do if Your Pet Needs to Lose Weight

Obesity is a real problem among our domesticated pets—it’s quite common, and it can lead to a host of serious health problems! If your animal companion could stand to lose a few pounds, it’s time to act. Learn what to do from your Georgian Bay, ON veterinarian.

See Your Vet

First things first—set up an appointment at your veterinary clinic to have your pet examined by a professional. They can determine just how much weight your pet might need to lose, and tell you about the best way to do it. It can actually be detrimental for a pet to lose too much weight too quickly, so it’s important to do this properly! From there, you can move forward with effective weight-loss techniques.

Portion Control

Often, the only thing that will need to change is your pet’s portion size. Overfeeding is one of the leading causes of obesity amongst domesticated pets, and it’s simple to correct. Follow the directions on your pet’s food packaging label, or consult your veterinarian, so that you don’t give Fido or Fluffy too much food at each meal.

Diet Switch

If your pet isn’t receiving a high-quality food with the right balances of carbohydrates, proteins, and other key nutrients, they aren’t getting the fuel needed to stay at a healthy weight. Forgo any “budget” diets and select a premium food for your pet—ask your veterinarian to recommend a great diet for your particular companion’s age, current weight, and breed.


No diet plan is complete without exercise! Get your pet moving on a daily basis to burn excess calories, trim excess body fat, and ultimately get the body back in shape. Most pets can accomplish this with simple walks through the neighborhood, vigorous play sessions in your backyard, or romps with a toy on the living room floor. Ask your vet about other great ways to exercise your pet.

Treats and Table Scraps

Don’t give your pet a lot of fatty table scraps; you’re only contributing to weight gain and encouraging bad begging habits. Also be sure to use treats sparingly. If you find yourself slipping your pet treats for no real reason, take a step back! Only use treats as rewards for good behavior.

Does your pet need a diet and exercise plan to return to a healthy weight? Don’t delay—make an appointment at your Georgian Bay, ON veterinary clinic!

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