How to Combat Pet Odors at Home

Let’s face it—sometimes, our pets can be a bit smelly. It’s not uncommon for our homes to start retaining some of that odor! Would you like to return your living space to its former freshness? Read on as your Georgian Bay, ON vet tells you what to do.


Grooming your dog or cat is one of the simplest ways to combat odors; it also helps your pet look their absolute best! Brushing your pet on a daily basis helps to trap loose fur in the brush itself, stopping hair from winding up all over your home and ultimately helping to cut back on odors. Brushing also spreads essential skin oils through the fur to keep the coat moisturized naturally and cut down on shedding at the outset.

You can also give your pet the occasional bath using a canine- or feline-formulated shampoo. It’s a great way to clean your pet while freshening up their natural odor! Ask your vet to recommend a great shampoo choice.

Odor Neutralizers

Spraying air fresheners simply masks over smells, allowing them to return. Odor neutralizer products, on the other hand, combat the enzymes that cause odors at their root. There is a wide variety of odor-control products made for pets; browse the selection at your local supply store to find what works for your needs.

Regular Cleaning

There’s just no substitute for regular cleaning! Vacuum and dust your home on a regular basis to keep pet detritus and accompanying odors to a minimum. Pay special attention to easy-to-forget areas like window blinds, windowsills, and couch cushions. If your pet is the type to hoard food, be sure to check potential hideouts for stashes of old food—getting rid of it will cut down on odors almost immediately.

Pet Beds

Since pets spend so much time on their beds, these areas can accumulate odors very easily. Try tossing your pet’s bed in the washing machine every now and again. You can even sprinkle it with baking soda, allowing the powder to absorb remnant odors, before vacuuming it off and returning the bed to your pet.

Space Restrictions

If your pet simply has a strong natural odor, space restrictions may help the problem. Train your pet to remain on one floor of the home, or only get up on one piece of living-room furniture.

For more odor-control tips, call your Georgian Bay, ON animal hospital.

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