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Dr. Peter Jones

Owner, Veterinarian

Animals have fascinated Dr. Peter Jones for as long as he can remember—he still recalls his father’s silly conversations with the family dog, which would always end in a bout of laughter and praise for the loyal four-legged companion. Dr. Jones’ early admiration for pets would deepen into an intense passion for keeping the special bond between human and animals alive and well. For him, one career choice simply made sense: veterinary medicine!

Dr. Jones is originally from Pembroke, Ontario, and began his animal-care career as a teenager when he took a part-time cleaning job at the local pet hospital. He was often alone with the hospital’s patients, and it was there that he learned firsthand how to care for pets the right way. Before long, he was committed to becoming a veterinarian himself.

Dr. Jones attended the University of Guelph and graduated from Ontario Veterinary College with his veterinary degree in 1988. He started his career as a licensed veterinarian in Kingston, Ontario, and also practiced in Saskatchewan for three years before coming to the Parry Sound community with his family in May of 1992.

Here at the clinic, Dr. Jones is particularly fond of seeing the relief and happiness on a pet owner’s face when their loving companion returns to them. He also enjoys the constant learning experience that his profession provides; he likes to say that change is the one constant in his field! Dr. Jones is proud to work with his talented and compassionate team, which he truly considers his second family.

Dr. Jones and his wife, Kim, have two grown children named Christopher and Meaghan. When he isn’t spending time with his family or tending to pets’ needs here at the hospital, Dr. Jones enjoys curling, swimming, biking, and participating in triathlons. He completed his biggest race yet, the Ford Ironman in Cozumel, Mexico, in 2010!

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Photo of Dr. Peter  Jones

Dr. Ian White

Owner, Veterinarian

Dr. Ian White has fond memories of taking his own pets to the veterinarian’s office as a young man; seeing the professionals care for his animals left a permanent impression on him. Combined with his love of science and technology, as well as his desire to perform worthwhile work that helped others, Dr. White came to one conclusion: a career in animal medicine was his true calling!

Dr. White grew up in Cambridge, Ontario, but spent many of his childhood summers here in Parry Sound after his parents bought a small cottage in the area. He earned his veterinary degree from the Ontario Veterinary College, and worked in the University’s animal science division during his schooling while volunteering in as many nearby animal hospitals as he could. Dr. White’s connections with the Parry Sound community led to him performing locum work for Dr. Alan Christie, Parry Sound Animal Hospital’s original owner. When Dr. Christie retired, Dr. White gladly accepted ownership duties—he’s happily been caring for the area’s pets ever since.

In his time away from work, Dr. White enjoys spending time with his family and staying fit by jogging and practicing karate. He has even obtained his black belt after years of intense training!

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Photo of Dr. Ian  White

Dr. Kit Lee


Dr. Kit Lee grew up in Toronto with her parents and younger brother, where she developed an affinity with nature and animals early on. Her parents made a point to instill the notion of proper pet care in Dr. Lee and her brother—she’s thrilled to care for animal companions as a licensed veterinarian here at Parry Sound Animal Hospital!

Dr. Lee earned her veterinary degree from the Ontario Veterinary College in Guelph, and has been practicing in Parry Sound ever since graduation. She joined the Parry Sound Animal Hospital team in 1999 and has a special passion for geriatric care; she loves being able to “tune up” a pet as they age! Dr. Lee also enjoys the variety of her work—on any given day, she may serve as a general practitioner, surgeon, counselor, dentist, or pediatrician.

In her time away from work, Dr. Lee enjoys spending time in the great outdoors and loves to hike, snowshoe, and kayak with her dogs. Frankie and Teddy are rescues who like following animal trails in the bush, planning the ultimate downfall of their chipmunk arch-nemesis, and mooching treats from their mom.

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